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A management consulting firm specializing in organizational and leadership development for the corporate, government, nonprofit, and philanthropic sectors.

Sector Landscape

  • Over 32 million companies in the United States of various types and sizes
  • 5 million nonprofits in the United States and 10 million worldwide
  • More than 200,000 foundations in the United States and 269,000 foundations in 39 countries

Sector Context

  • Change Management expertise cited as the most in-demand need across all sectors
  • Recent research from The Conference Board indicates 58% of employees would leave an employer that didn’t offer professional development opportunities, and 96% of workers surveyed say they want to continue to build and strengthen their skills at work
  • Predictive Index reports 6% of executives do not have a talent and retention strategy
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TDB Group Truss Framework™

TDB Group Strategic Advisory, in many ways, operates much like an architectural firm. Instead of building structures to house our institutional partners we design and build the infrastructures (the people, the financial models, protocols, and systems) that will help our partners execute for short and long-term growth. After many years of garnering experience, we used a case study process of our scores of projects to create the TDB Group Truss Framework™. Architects build a truss, a structural assemblage of vertical, diagonal, and horizontal members to form a rigid support system for a structure. We have distilled the strategic and infrastructure planning and execution into four key steps, The TDB Group Truss Framework™ entails assessment, mapping, pathway, and benchmarking that is customized to match partner needs.

TDB Framework includes Mapping, Benchmark, Pathway, and Assessment


Use of focus groups, interviews, and survey tools


In a series of meetings use the assessment data to create a large-scale picture of the assets, gaps and potential opportunities


Create a set of recommendations grounded in the assessment, mapping, and pathway activities that ensure a process for monitoring and accountability


Use the mapping exercise to outline potential opportunities for teams to vet, narrow and select

Approaches to Galvanize Large Sector Leaders

Short and long-term collaborations that lead to systemic change for corporate, government, nonprofit, and philanthropic partners

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Leadership and Organizational Development

We help partners build stronger organizational culture, while also increasing individual and team performance.

Infrastructure Building

We create the framework and strategic planning process for partners to explore and design the strategy, aligned business model, and board and staffing structure that will best support innovation and sustainability.


We provide learning and the development of action plans and measurement tools that help partners activate their long-term commitment to comprehensively embed diversity, equity, inclusion, accessibility, and belonging (DEIAB) and racial equity (RE).

Talent Acquisition and Pipeline Development

We align business and strategic models and plans with right size recruitment, onboarding, and retention processes, as well tools to increase workforce capacity and problem-solving. 

Tammy Dowley-Blackman Group, LLC Partners

We have worked with over 200+ multi-faceted sector partners providing services ranging from new business model design to leadership development

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Impactful. Genuine. Welcoming. We worked with Tammy Dowley-Blackman Group as a consultant to develop and implement a program to advance our team’s learning about unconscious bias. The customized approach with consideration for our industry and generational span met our team members wherever they were on their learning journey and helped us open up a critical dialogue for awareness, inclusion, and advancement in our work and beyond. Thank you, to the Tammy Dowley-Blackman Group team, for the lifetime tools.

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