Why Gen Z Is The New Face Of Philanthropy

In a recent article on the future of giving, Forbes notes that “younger generations of philanthropists are mobilizing rapidly to support causes they believe in, sharing these causes on social media, and crowdfunding donations.” As discussed in our recent blog, Ways Gen Z Is Transforming Entrepreneurship, these emerging leaders are tech-savvy, passionate, and dedicated to making an impactful difference in the world. Today, let’s delve deeper into why Gen Z is the new face of philanthropy and why nonprofit organizations should take notice.


Reshaping Philanthropy

Generation Z is unafraid to take on a challenge. When championing a worthy issue, young philanthropists are motivated, highly engaged, and hands-on. Instead of simply making a financial contribution, Gen Z members have a desire to become involved on a deeper level and take an active role in the organizations and causes they choose to support. They also value transparency and want to see the direct, measurable result of their efforts.


Making Connections

Gen Z is the most diverse generation to date, and as Pew Trusts reports, technology has been a central part of their upbringing. As a result, this cohort of digital natives is utilizing powerful online tools while bringing a fresh perspective to giving. According to Forbes, “Younger generations place a priority on sharing knowledge, and their philanthropy is no exception.” Taking full advantage of social media platforms and connections, Gen Z has become “valued ambassadors for nonprofits that have long struggled to get their message out.”


Looking Forward

Members of Gen Z are revolutionizing the way we give back, and as the new face of philanthropy, they are already leaving a positive mark on the world. And things can only get better. Take a look at these recent Gen Z stats:

  • 26% of 16-19-year olds already volunteer on a regular basis.
  • 30% have already donated to an organization.
  • 10% want to start their own nonprofit organization.
  • 50% are looking for a job in the nonprofit sector.

To quote Forbes, “Unlocking the full potential of next-gen philanthropists will take a focused and sustained effort by nonprofits, but those who crack the code can reap the reward of gaining not just donors but co-creators and vested partners for good.”


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